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Rewind: Let’s Press Play Together

An exhibition using nostalgia, outdated technologies and playfulness to explore connectivity.

As part of the wonderful Fringe Arts Bath 2022, I was selected to curate a show exploring the themes outlined above. It was my first go at curating, an experience I really enjoyed and hope to do again. I was lucky enough to have a variety of interesting and wonderful works to display from all sorts of artists.

Big thanks to Fringe Arts Bath for the opportunity. Do check them out it’s a wonderful annual event and celebration of art.

Rewind: Let’s Press Play Together

‘Rewind: Let’s Press Play Together’ uses nostalgia, playfulness, and outdated technologies to explore connectivity. Looking at how individuals connect with themselves, one another, and society: how we engage with our individual and collective pasts, presents and potential futures.

What does a past recorded in outdated- even obsolete-technologies mean? Does it fragment the self- individually and collectively- from its own past, or at least representations of it? What lingers lost and forgotten in undeveloped photographs and unplayable home videos?

What is the effect-psychologically, sociologically, politically, and ecologically- of our consumption, engagement with and discarding of technologies?

Technological development has led to unprecedented levels of connectivity. Most of us are continuously connected to one another, the world, and online spaces, creating a global, multifaceted, multi-voiced, complex, competing, constant stream of now.

Social media offers a world of connectivity, but algorithms create disconnected echo chambers. Curated presentations of ‘perfect’ lives disconnect us from one another and our lived realities. Voices shout over one another on crowded platforms. Ironically, is our increased connectivity online disconnecting us from ourselves, one another, and the physical world around us?

Can playfulness and personal nostalgia help us navigate and connect in today’s super modern world?

In this world where technologies meant to bring us together often make us feel more disconnected. Is there still a place for outdated technologies? For playfulness and our own personal nostalgia? Can they be used for positive? Can they help us remember, play, and (re)connect?

Using an array of artistic mediums ‘Rewind: Let’s Press Play Together’ explores these themes and questions.


Amy Bullock
Instagram @amymadesomething

Annis Joselyn
Twitter and Instagram @annisjoslin

Beth Archard – Instagram- @bethsprouts

Holly Crawford

Jenny Alderton – Instagram- @eloquentscream

Karen Thompson

Maria Denise Hall (Denise)
Instagram- @delusarcovidcharacters

Marina Belikova

Matt Dart

Matt Noir – Instagram- @mattnoirartist 

Milo Costelloe
Instagram- @milocostelloeart

Scirocco Dance Theatre Company – Instagram- @scirocco_dancetheatre

Seo Hye Lee – Instagram- @seohyel

Sophie Hill

Stefanie Reling-Burns

Tim Southall – Instagram- @tim.p.southall – Facebook- tim.southall.56

For more information on the individual artists please head to

Rewind Revisited

I am hoping to revisit ‘Rewind: Let’s Press Play Together’ in 2024 so watch this space! If you’re interested in being involved or have any work, a project or a performance you feel may fit with the themes, please feel free to get in touch! Drop me a line on Instagram @eloquentscream

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