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Rewind Exhibition Gallery

Exhibition Photos!

Please scroll down for photographs from the opening night, performances from Scirocco Dance Theatre Company and Holly Crawford, as well as more exhibition photos.
Photographs: Jenny Alderton

Opening night!

With a performance from Holly Crawford
Photographs: Jenny Alderton

Scirocco Dance Theatre Company

Performing ‘Invisible Cities

A blend of contemporary dance and live drawing…inviting the audience to free their inner children into a vibrant world of lights, sounds, colours and creatures
– Scirocco Dance Theatre Company

Performance: Scirocco Dance Theatre Company
Photographs: Jenny Alderton

Holly Crawford

Alchemy of Art and the Gift‘ was performed by Holly Crawford several times throughout the Rewind exhibition. During the performance participants are invited to give an object to the performer: who seals the item and re-gifts it to the participant.

Together we can create a work of art that I gift to you. Everyday objects are combined and turned into an art object that I will then gift to you, to a stranger and ask nothing in return.
– Holly Crawford

Performance: Holly Crawford
Photography : Jenny Alderton

Further exhibition photos!

The beautiful photos below were taken by Marina Belikova, whose work ‘Ghost Memories‘ was featured in the exhibition.

For more of her work please head to

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