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transient translation

A movement based film exploring the ephemeral nature of communication.


A short film exploring the freedom, otherworldliness, and disorientation of immersion.

voices of shadows

A performance of movement and spoken world exploring barriers in expression, together with the limitations of art and the self in conveying meaning and connecting to others.

voices of shadows.
What does the colour green mean? 
Can you explain the poignancy of a broken silence to one who 
cannot hear? 
To reach
open cast, mind shaft throwing questions into oblivion. 
Searching for the voices of shadows, the dancing origins of echoes, flat 
rippled reflections from a shrivelled summers world. 
In the gap between you and I lies the impossibility of poetry, 
the assonance of a brushstroke, the context of the self, 
in an arabesque. 
Life the singular experience of existence. 
Subjectivity real in its separation. 
What is written and what is read, 
two mirrors placed back to back.


Installation featuring life size photographs behind opaque sheets, which are marked with lines, tracing historic self harm.

current projects

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